90 Day Fiance Tell All Part 2 Recap: DID Mike Youngquist Cheat on Natalie Mordovtseva After All?

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance is officially, completely over.

After Part 1 of the Tell All last week, there were still loose ends to tie up.

Most notably, the show had to delve into Amira and Andrew's drama.

This wasn't just past drama.

When Andrew wasn't allowed to direclty confront Amira, he stormed out … and did not return.

Then, Tarik and Hazel spoke about their marriage and plans for the future.

Tarik very rightfully schooled some misunderstandings (and let's be honest, bigotry) about his polyamorous marriage.

However, he also revealed that he and Minty had spoken earlier that day.

(As Amira's dad would say, "you do the mistake again!")

Then, Natalie has long harbored suspicions that Mike cheated with his friend Sarah.

More than once, she has insisted that it's true.

Finally, fans get to hear from Sarah.

1.We start where we left off

2.Amira does not want to speak to him

3.It's a complicated situation

4.Rebecca has a different perspective

5.Meanwhile, outside …

6.This is relayed to Shaun

7.Nobody likes that

8.Andrew still refuses

9.Why is Amira so reluctant?

10.The fear is real

11.So, after the breakup

12.It's unclear if they got them, though

13.As for what happened in Mexico City


15.And after she got her phone back

16.Outside …

17.After all of that, why did Amira go to Serbia?

18.And their breakup?

19.THAT explains it

20.Andrew didn't waste any time

21.Wait, how did she know that?

22.Now, many months later, Amira has moved on

23.Backstage …

24.Jovi agrees

25.Moving on to Tarik and Hazel …

26.Julia had some questions


28.Rebecca's insecurities come up

29.Tarik explains

30.Zied is judgmental

31.Hazel echoes things

32.Here comes Minty

33.Minty explains her side

34.When was the last time that Minty and Tarik communicated?

35.Okay, Tarik can explain, he promises

36.But …

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